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Professor Ronald Hartung

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Ronald Hartung


Professor, Ph.D. Ronald Lee Hartung received his Ph.D. in Computer Science at in 1987 and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 1971, from The Ohio State University, USA. Professor Hartung's work in artificial intelligence dates to his Ph.D. studies early in 1980s. His work career has included both industrial research groups and academic positions. This work career includes time at The Naval Surface Weapons Center, Bell Laboratories, Quest Comminutions and The Design Knowledge Company. Beside teaching at several universities, he was a professor and Department Chair of Computer Science and Mathematics at Franklin University in Columbus Ohio (USA). While his projects and publications have generally been applied artificial intelligence in specific AI problems, his long-term interest has always been in General AI, especially in areas related to consciousness. Professor Hartung first attended KES in 2006 and has been active with KES 16 years. During the years, he has served as an invited session chair, track chair and member of the best paper committee. His body of work includes over 30 papers, one textbook and two US patents.

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28th Annual
KES Conference
Seville, Spain
11-13 September 2024